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ECS Accountancy deals with a wide sector of businesses Don't get buried in paperwork Processing your Accounts

ECS Accountancy

ECS Accountancy Ltd is based in Beccles, Suffolk and have been established since 1997, providing high quality Accountancy and Taxation services to Companies, Sole Traders, Partnerships, Landlords & Employees

Do you need a Book Keeper or Accountant? Need help with your Tax Return Completion?

If you're looking for Accounting Firms, local accountants or a tax advisor in Beccles, Suffolk, or the surrounding areas in Suffolk and South Norfolk (Bungay, Halesworth, Harleston, Loddon, Great Yarmouth and Norwich to name a few), we have established ourselves as a leader in the Small Business market. We pride ourselves in our customer service and satisfaction, and by using the latest technology we are able to provide excellent levels of service that we believe are second to none.

We are passionate about what we do, and we make sure that every client is treated on an individual basis - after all, everyone has different requirements. From Basic Book Keeping to Full Accountant Services, you need look no further to find an accountant or book keeper

Our Fees are realistic, and calculated on a fixed fee basis per year that represents real value for money, a tax adviser that makes a practical difference to the way your business runs, giving you more time to concentrate on the day to day running of your business.

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  • Small To Medium Sized Businesses
  • Accountancy for small to medium sized businesses
  • Specialising in Small to Medium Sized Businesses across many sectors including (but not limited to):

    Agriculture, The Construction Industry, E-Commerce, Manufacturers, Professionals, The Service Sector and Retailers.

    With an array of accountancy and taxation skills we believe we are able to offer our clients excellent levels of service which are second to none, from basic book keeping requirements through to Payroll Services, VAT calculation, Tax Return Completion and Online Filing where required.

    Whether your business is as a Sole-Trader, Partnership, or Limited Company, trading as a business full time or as a supplement to employed income, ECS Accountancy can help you to meet HMRC’s requirements for record keeping and declaration of taxes due.

  • Starting Up
  • Starting up a business
  • So you know what you want to do, you have your business proposition, a plan, and the will to succeed – but do you know about the legal and financial aspects of running your business. Maybe its holding you back, but it doesn’t need to be. With our business advise and support we can help to get you from concept to reality.

    We will help you decide whether being a sole trader, a partnership or limited company will work better for you, assist with business plans, cashflow projections and budgets for getting your business off the ground.

    We’ll get you registered where required with HMRC and Companies House, and help you establish the correct method for record keeping.

    Whether you choose to compile your own books or hand us all your paperwork to deal with for you, you can rest assured that we’re with you every step of the way, keeping on top of bookkeeping, VAT, Payroll and any other accounting requirements you may have.

  • Taking The Stress Out Of Business
  • Taking the stress out of accountancy, taxation, VAT and Payroll
  • There aren’t many business owners that enjoy the paperwork side of the business. At ECS Accountancy we can reduce the stresses associated with your bookkeeping by dealing with it for you, then being able to provide advise on how to be more profitable, or areas that could be holding you back.

    We are able to provide and explain reports on a regular basis that will help you to see which areas need a little more attention or major change to keep your business healthy.

  • Meet the Deadlines
  • Helping your business meet deadlines for Tax Returns, Payroll, VAT and Corporation Tax Returns
  • It is maybe no surprise to know that many people miss the filing deadlines imposed by HMRC and Companies House not because they forget, but because they were not confident in either filing their tax return themselves or in the ability of their previous accountant. And we all know that the late filing penalties imposed can be very costly, regardless of any tax owed.

    We will make sure this doesn’t happen to you or your business, due to our proactive approach to your accounts. We process your accounts on a monthly basis (or weekly where required) so we’re always up to date and when April gets here you’re ready well before the HMRC Filing Deadlines.

  • Bookkeeping / Accounts Preparation
  • Bookkeeping and accounts preparation made simple by ECS Accountancy
  • Preparing your accounts each year can be boring and time consuming, especially when all you really want to do is run your business, sometimes you don’t even get time to do anything but run your business.

    So why not let us take away the burden of preparing your accounts on a regular monthly basis? By keeping on top of your receipts and invoices we can help you to see whats working and whats not at the time rather than when its too late.

  • Payroll
  • Processing your Payroll, Wage Slips, SSP, SMP and End of Year Returns using RTI with HMRC
  • Payroll can be both a time consuming and cumbersome task, not to mention repetitive which inevitably takes you away from running your business or worse takes up your spare time.

    Needless to say, this is an area which we can take away all the worries of producing payslips and filing with HMRC. Our Payroll Services are cost effective and confidential, and include:

    Producing Payslips, PAYE Administration, National Insurance Contributions, Statutory payments (SSP and SMP), Scheme Administration (Bonuses, Pensions etc.) and end of year PAYE Filing with HMRC (All done electronically).

    Taxation and employment legislation are also considered and overseen as part of the process.

  • VAT
  • Getting your VAT right and filed online with HMRC
  • From Registration to Deregistration for Value Added Tax with HMRC and everything inbetween, including online filing of VAT Returns after completing your accounting in accordance with your VAT schedule. We can advise you on which VAT schemes would be most beneficial to your business and help to implement these within your accounts.

    The VAT Regime changes can make a big impact on your business, so getting things right is essential. We can make sure that you are VAT Compliant and avoid any unnecessary problems.

    In the event of a VAT inspection, issues and liabilities can inevitably arise. ECS Accountancy will help you to review HMRC assessments and can negotiate with them on your behalf to help ensure that liabilities and any enforced penalties are kept to an absolute minimum.

  • Tax
  • Calculation of your Tax Liability and filing your Self-Assessment Tax Return on time to avoid penalties
  • Completing Self Assessment Tax Forms can be time consuming, especially when you’re trying to run your business as well.

    We can obtain all the information required to complete your yearly tax return, calculate your tax liability, make sure you have copies of all the relevant paperwork, advise what you need to pay and when, and most importantly represent you in the event that HMRC wish to investigate your financial affairs.

    We can advise you on Personal and Business Tax, Corporation Tax & Capital Gains Tax.